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 My family and I have lived with the paranormal since I was a child. We have witnessed things that terrified us at times. Not knowing what to do and being scared to talk to people about it for fear of what they would think was the hardest part. These experiences are what fuel my desire for answers. As I continue to research and investigate I will post all of my results here for anyone seeking the truth.

Being a Paranormal Investigator and Sasquatch Researcher my goal is to open peoples minds to the possibilities behind the unexplained. There is more in this world than what we have been trained to believe. Since we were all young children we were taught to only believe in what we can see, that Ghosts are not real and that all the "creatures" we heard about in stories are make believe. There was a time when everyone thought the world was flat and that if you travelled too far into the unknown you would fall off the world. Now the same thing is happening again. This closed minded attitude and fear of things we do not understand is what keeps the truth about the unexplained from being realized. Anything can be explained away by a trick of light, a hoax, dust particals, or that mothman is a giant bird. If you set out to disprove something, than the chances are that you will come up with some explanation to bring the outcome you desire. I believe if we can open enough minds it will allow people to tell their stories and experiences without ridicule. Imagine all the new reported sightings that would be brought forward if there were no fear of what people might think.

Embark on your journey through the paranormal with an open mind and never stop Exploring the Unexplained.


William Baker

Founder & Lead Investigator

Exploring the Unexplained


Share your stories and experiences with us

If you would like to share your sightings or experiences in the paranormal, we welcome you to do so. If you wish to remain anonymous we will keep your identity confidential. For all reports submitted please include: location, date, time, conditions, ages of witnesses, and your name (optional).

Please email your Sasquatch, Ogopogo, and Mothman sightings and stories to:


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Is your house haunted ?

Have you experienced strange events ?

Do you want answers ?

The Exploring the Unexplained Team of investigators may have the answers you are looking for. We may be willing to investigate your home, or business in Alberta. If you don't think you need our investigation team, send us an email explaining your situation. We are always willing to give advice.

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Wilderness Ghost Hunting Adventures

Have you ever wondered what goes bump in the night?

Do you have the courage to find out?

Search for answers while investigating at a Rustic Mountain Resort where Ghosts and Spirits walk the grounds. You may even catch a glimps of the ghost of a little girl who is often seen by guests in and around Cabin 3. Experience the anticipation and excitement of a real life Ghost Hunt led by a Paranormal Investigator. Attempt to solve the mystery behind the Old Trapper cabin and why the Trapper disappeared with out a trace so many years ago.

Weekend package includes:

History of site
Stories of past sightings around the camp fire
Introduction to Ghost Hunting
Night Investigation                                                                                                                                                
Investigation of the Old Trapper Cabin
Evidence review

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Searching for Sasquatch - Weekend Expeditions


Become a part of the Exploring The Unexplained team and go on an expedition dedicated to finding evidence of the elusive Sasquatch. Our site has a long history of sightings, encounters and evidence. Join Paranormal Investigator and Cryptozoology Researcher William Baker as he leads you on the Adventure of a lifetime. Don't watch it on television, live it!!


The dates for 2014 are as follows:

May 23 - 25June 20 - 22July 18 - 20Aug 22 - 24Sept 19 - 21Oct 17 - 19.

Weekend package includes:
History of site - past sightings, encounters and evidence
Introduction to Sasquatch research
Day Expedition
Night Expedition
Evidence review